Jason Reolon, celebrated South African-born jazz pianist, keyboardist, synth & melodica player and composer has a solid reputation as one of the country’s finest talents.

In all his musical undertakings, Reolon never fails to move, inspire and challenge audiences with his fresh and dynamic approach to his art. Complex, groovy, soulful, his music transcends the boundaries of jazz, deep house and electronica to reach new and exciting realms in the world of sound.

As the son of jazz songbird, Josie Gien and the South African drumming legend Bobby Gien, who performed with the famous Ronnie Scott Trio for half a decade, Reolon’s world has always been centered around music. Reolon’s love of and exposure to music throughout his life led him to complete his BMus Degree in Jazz Performance and Composition studies at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in 2001,

In his final year of study, Reolon won the South African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) National Overseas Scholarship Competition for Jazz Piano, an honour which took him to move to New York in 2004 to further his studies and career.

During his 20 year journey as a professional artist, Reolon has formed and been part of numerous notable groups and collaborated and performed with countless reputable artists across the genre spectrum. His current direction involves collaborative explorations with reputable DJ’s, in 3 live electronic groups: Sublime Live alongside January One & Buddy Wells, Hustle alongside Jayson Stoffenberg and the prolific trio Valve State alongside Richard Marshall & Lee Thomson.

His other current projects include his own jazz quartet Mr Keys & the Funky Munks, Reality Radio, Jason Reolon Trio and renowned jazz quintet Breakfast Included.

Past projects, collaborations, groups and artists include: Restless Natives, Goldfish, Vusi Mahlasela, N8N, Isaac Maine & Sweetlive, Astrafunk & the Spacecats, Fem Belling, Vicky Sampson, United Nations United Pianos Project, Zwai Bala, Jeremy Douglas, Shout, PJ Powers, Paul Booth, Arcade 82, Prosper Rek, Mix’n Blend, Rebel Clef, Alphonso Horne, Gordon Vernick, Mannenberg All Stars, The Hot Shots, Justin Bergh, Soul Agents, Iridium Project, Magic Carpet Ride, Zolani Mahola from Freshly Ground, Paige Mac Band, Search Party, James Scholfield & Natascha Roth, White Collar Club, ShenFM, Lone Raynger, Ian Henderson, Siya Makuzeni, Rus Nerwich & The Collective Imagination, Merseystate, James Stewart, Awesome International Big Band and the Cape Town National Youth Orchestra.

He has performed on stages and festivals all over the world including countries such as France, Spain, Italy, UK, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Ibiza, Majorca, Argentina, USA, Scotland, Canada, Bali, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Netherlands, Italy, Namibia, Zambia and Portugal. Jason recently completed his first successful tour to the USA, his third tour to Australia and fourth tour to Europe.

Reolon has recorded and released 8 internationally accalimed albums and a live DVD in his career, besides having recorded on countless others.

This extensive collaborating with other artists has rightfully earned Reolon a reputable place in the South African music industry and has likewise kept his playing style fresh and up-to-date. No matter the project, Reolon is dedicated to honing his craft, constantly searching for new ways to expand and redefine what ‘jazz’ means to audiences and music-makers alike.

Jason Reolon is proudly sponsored by Kawai pianos and performs Nord, Novation and Arturia electronic keyboards and synths.